Everyone with Parkinson's has their own personal Michael

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You are currently viewing our boards as a celine black box bag guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and our other features. By joining our free community you will have access celine box bagto post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM),celine classic box bag respond to polls,celine box bag upload content and access many other special features. border, in a rural area where there celine classic box bag are so few cars, the border crossing is closed at night. Local folks get high paying jobs manning the border station when it is open;celine blue box bag they sit and read books and watch TV while waiting for the next vehicle, which is usually a farm couple in a Ford F150 on their way to celine box bag price Plattsburgh to shop at WalMart. celine classic box bag price That's about as exciting as it celine box bag price gets in this neck of the woods. He has a bulky burlap bag on a small carrying rack attached to the rear fender.

Do you have anything to declare?

Yeah, right. Get off the bike and bring the bag inside.

The border guards open the bag celine small classic box bag and pourceline medium box bag the sand out onto the table. They expect to find drugs or diamonds hidden in the sand. But they find nothing. of A., with his bag of 100% pure Canadian sand.

Next morning,celine python box bag same guy rides up on his bicycle,celine box shoulder bag with another bag of sand. Poured out on the table; the bag contains nothing but sand.

Next morning, same thing.

Every morning, same thing.

Another bag of sand, every day.

Now, the local men and women with the job at the border crossing are not stupid. They figure the man on the celine classic box bag price bike figures that they will get tired of checking out the daily bag of sand, celine small box bag and just wave him through, and THEN the bike rider will use the bag of sand to hide drugs or diamonds or SOMETHING.

It makes no sense otherwise.celine small box bag price So they check his bag of sand every day; day after day; each day starts with the bicycle rider and another bag of sand.

He is on the side of the angels.

So are we. We have different roles we are street fighters and citizen scientists, and seriously celine medium box bag ill fedup grouches, devoid of resources other than our monologues and dialogues and home remedies;celine black box bag MJF is recognized worldwide, price of celine classic box bag and rare would be the person at any level of power who would not take his call. In the script, MJF plays the role of MJF. He does it to perfection, even without rehearsals.

The roles are different, but we are all working on the same script. It's a script that begins with suffering and anguish, celine box bag black and ends with the victory of mankind over celine box bag black the curse of brain and neuro diseases.

Although we know the beginning and the ending of the script, we are in the middle of it and have to write the nextprice of celine classic box bag chapters. With different roles,celine blue box bag but keeping an eye on the goal. Articulating strategies and scenarios would help the costume department to be celine python box bag prepared.

When the war against Parkinson's is over, I will return to civilian life and make a celine small classic box bag fortune marketing littleceline small box bag plastic MJF's that you can put on the dashboard of your car;celine small box bag price they will light up when you accelerate. It'll go gorilla in the marketplace.

But first we have to fix the Parkinson'sceline box shoulder bag problem, and the script has to have better roles for people with Parkinson's, if it is ever to make sense as a script.